Dining Favorites of 30A to Blue Mountain and Beyond!


Seagrove Beach Dining Area


Cafe Thirty A 

Located right in the middle of Seagrove Beach off of 30A, this fine dining experience will have you back for more. Delicious drinks to desserts! 

Contact: 850-231-2166

Web: cafethirtya.com

Specials: 5-6pm Daily Two for One deals!  *Make a reservation because they get busy fast! 


Blue Mountain Beach Creamery

Located on the corner of Hwy 83 and 30A in Blue Mountain Beach, this local ice cream shop makes its frozen yogurt onsite daily with real yogurt, no powders. They also offer delicious green tea smoothies and sweet velvety ice cream.

Location:  2129 S. Scenic Hwy 83, Blue Mountain Beach
Contact:  (850) 278-6849
Web:  bluemountainbeachcreamery.com
Taste:  Lemon Chiffon or Blueberry Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt

Hibiscus Coffee House

Just one block off of 30A, you’ll find that of all the 30a restaurants, this is the place to be for Sunday brunch, which includes mimosas and music while you sit in Adirondack chairs in their Backyard of Love. The antique Florida kitsch decor and vegan-friendly menu will have you feeling like you’ve stumbled into a yummy earth-day party.

Location:  85 Defuniak St, Grayton Beach
Contact:  (850) 231-2733
Web:  hibiscusflorida.com
Taste:  Waffle Wonderful: a toasted whole wheat waffle topped with chunky peanut butter, fresh fruit, nuts, coconut, and honey.

WaterColor Area Dining Guide

FOOW—Fish Out Of Water

Located at Watercolor Resort, this is one of my favorite places for beachside dining with a view. They’re best known for their fresh local seafood and locally sourced produce, but my favorite meal there is their southern breakfast.

Location:  Goldenrod Circle on 30A, Watercolor 
Contact:  (850) 534-5050
Web:  watercolorresort.com/
Taste:  Bourbon Vanilla French Toast and Low Country Gulf Shrimp & Grits



Dune Allen/Santa Rosa Beach

Stinky’s Fish Camp

Thankfully, this is one of the 30a restaurants that doesn’t live up to its name.  If you’re in the mood for oysters, you’ll be pleased to discover they offer them 10 different ways. They’re also known for serving crawfish, including, crawfish hot tamales, crawfish hushpuppies, crawfish pie, and creamy crawfish étouffée with fried green tomatoes. The rustic cabin-like atmosphere feels pretty cozy and the floor to ceiling windows provide excellent views of one of Dune Allen’s rare coastal dune lakes.

Location:  5994 West County Road 30A, Santa Rosa Beach
Contact:  (850) 267-3053
Web:  stinkysfishcamp.com/
Taste:  Fried Brie with Memaw’s Pepper Jelly

The Vue On 30A

This place does live up to its name!  With floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows, all overlooking the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be stunned by the view.  And if that isn’t reason enough to come for a visit, then the delicious Florida food will definitely convince you. Chef Gio’s culinary skills helped him make it to the top 6 on Season 5, Hell’s Kitchen. Yup, he’s a celebrity chef.

Location:  4801 W County Highway 30A, Dune Allen
Contact:  (850) 267-2305
Web:  Vueon30a.com
Taste:  French Toast Foie Gras and Pistachio Crusted Grouper

Cafe Tango

Situated in a small cottage just off of 30A, dining here is like going to a friend’s house. Cozy and elegant, it’s a great place for a romantic date night or anniversary dinner.

Location: 14 Vicky Street, Santa Rosa Beach
Contact:  850-267-0054
Web:  cafetango.letseat.at
Taste: Basque Fish topped with Gulf shrimp in a white fabada bean sauce with chorizo sausages.


Seaside Dining Area

Pickles Beachside Grill

This retro 1950‘s-style diner is a beachside burger bar famous for fried pickles. Mosey on in wearing your swimsuit and flip-flops to refuel after a day of play in the sun. Their salty seasoned french fries are the best! Perfect for a snack fix at the beach.

Location:  2236 Scenic Hwy 30A, Seaside
Contact:  (850) 231-5686
Web:  Sweetwilliamsltd.com/pickles
Taste:  Paradise Burger and Fried Pickles

Bud & Alleys

Watching the sunset at Bud & Alleys rooftop bar has become a tradition for the oldest restaurant in Seaside. Since 1986, locals gather around to guess the exact time it will set. The bartender rings a bell when the golden orb finally sinks into the sea, and if you guessed the time correctly, you get a drink on the house.

Location:  2236 E County Highway 30A, Seaside
Contact:  (850) 231-5900
Web:  Budandalleys.com
Taste:  Their famous crab cakes and can’t-eat-just-one sweet potato fries with dijon mayo.

The Pizza Bar

Locals told me that when this establishment opened, they brought in pizza experts to create the perfect dough and were offering taste tests until they got it just right.  Well, all those free pizzas paid off because it’s probably one of the tastiest slices in Florida.

Location:  2236 E County Highway 30A, Seaside (Right next to The Taco Bar)
Contact:  (850) 231-3113
Web:  budandalleyspizzabar.com
Taste: The San Marzano Pizza with Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano & Local Arugula.

Dawson’s Yogurt & Fudgeworks

Just across the street from the beach, this is the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth and grab a hunk of homemade fudge or cool off with a frozen yogurt. It’s a popular place, so there might be a line. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

Location:  121 Center Ave, Seaside
Contact:  (850) 231-4770
Web:  Sweetwilliamsltd.com/dawsons
Taste:  Kalhua Frozen Yogurt